Latanoprost in the Treatment of Eyelash Alopecia in Alopecia Areata Universalis

    Isabel María Coronel-Pérez, Elena M. Rodríguez-Rey, Francisco Camacho-Martínez
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    TLDR Latanoprost can effectively treat eyelash hair loss, with 45% of patients showing hair regrowth and no reported side effects.
    In a study conducted 13 years ago, 54 subjects with alopecia areata universalis, a condition causing hair loss in the eyelashes, were tested with latanoprost treatment. 44 subjects received latanoprost along with standard treatments, while 10 were in a control group. After 2 years, 45% of the patients showed acceptable responses, with 17.5% experiencing complete regrowth, 27.5% moderate regrowth, 30% slight regrowth, and 25% showing no response. No side effects were reported. The researchers concluded that latanoprost could be an effective treatment for eyelash alopecia areata.
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