Lack of Efficacy of Topical Latanoprost in the Treatment of Eyebrow Alopecia Areata

    Elizabeth M. Ross, Chanted Bolduc, F. Harvey Lui, Jerry Shapiro
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    TLDR Topical latanoprost doesn't effectively regrow hair in severe eyebrow alopecia areata cases.
    In 2005, a 16-week, randomized, right-left, investigator-blinded study was conducted on 11 adults with severe eyebrow alopecia areata (AA) to assess the therapeutic potential of latanoprost, a prostaglandin F2a analog. The participants were required to treat one eyebrow with topical latanoprost (3 µg) for 12 hours daily over 12 weeks. Of the 11 patients, 8 completed the study. One patient withdrew due to reported treatment-related side effects. The results showed that the use of latanoprost daily for 12 weeks was ineffective in producing significant regrowth in 7 patients. One patient did have a positive response, but this occurred bilaterally and was likely a result of institution of prednisone therapy during the treatment period for an unrelated problem. The study concluded that treatment of extensive eyebrow AA with topical latanoprost is well tolerated but an ineffective means for producing dense regrowth.
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