The Effect of Plasma Rich in Growth Factors on Pattern Hair Loss: A Pilot Study

    May 2017 in “ Dermatologic Surgery
    Eduardo Anitua, Ander Pino, Nahikari Martinez, Gorka Orive, Daniel Berridi
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    TLDR Treatment with plasma rich in growth factors improved hair density and thickness for hair loss patients.
    In a 2017 pilot study involving 19 patients with androgenetic alopecia (AGA), treatment with plasma rich in growth factors (PRGF) over a year showed promising results. The therapy led to a significant increase in hair density (from 117 ± 29 follicles/cm² to 156 ± 36 follicles/cm²) and mean hair diameter (from 37 ± 10 µm to 55 ± 9 µm), as well as an improved terminal/vellus hair ratio (from 48 ± 17% to 68 ± 18%) and an increase in thick hair percentage (from 4% to 18%). Histological examination revealed increased epidermal thickness, follicular cell proliferation, and a higher terminal/miniaturized hair ratio. PRGF also appeared to reduce inflammatory infiltrate, promote tissue remodeling, and increase stem cell populations in the hair bulge area. Patients reported high satisfaction with the treatment, and no serious adverse effects were observed. The study concluded that PRGF could be a safe and effective treatment for AGA, but called for larger, randomized clinical trials to further validate these findings.
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