Preparation and evaluation of a multimodal minoxidil microemulsion versus minoxidil alone in the treatment of androgenic alopecia of mixed etiology: a pilot study

    Farouk M Sakr, Ali M Gado, Haseebur R Mohammed, Abdel Majid A. Adam
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    TLDR Multimodal minoxidil microemulsion is more effective in treating hair loss than minoxidil alone.
    This document reports on a pilot study that evaluated the effectiveness of a multimodal minoxidil microemulsion compared to minoxidil alone in treating androgenic alopecia of mixed etiology. The study involved 32 men aged 18-30 years who applied 1 mL of the microemulsion twice daily to the affected area for 32 weeks. The multimodal formulation achieved a significantly superior response than minoxidil alone and placebo in terms of mean hair count, weight, and thickness. A patient self-assessment questionnaire demonstrated that the multimodal formulation significantly slowed hair loss, increased hair growth, and improved appearance, and showed no appreciable side effects compared with the minoxidil alone and placebo formulations. The study concluded that the multimodal minoxidil microemulsion could be a promising treatment option for androgenic alopecia.
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