Platelet rich plasma for the management of hair loss: Better alone or in combination?

    Eduardo Anitua, Ander Pino, Pedro Jaén, M. R. Navarro
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    TLDR PRP is effective for hair loss and might work better with other treatments, but more research is needed.
    The document from 2018 reviews the effectiveness of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in treating hair loss disorders like androgenetic alopecia (AGA) and alopecia areata (AA). It highlights that PRP therapy, which involves injecting a concentration of a patient's own platelets, is safe and effective in improving hair density and health, as evidenced by randomized clinical trials with over 60 patients. The document also explores the potential benefits of combining PRP with other treatments, such as FDA-approved drugs (finasteride or minoxidil), cell-based therapies, or surgical techniques like follicular unit extraction (FUE). While PRP alone has shown benefits, the combination with other therapies may enhance outcomes. However, the document concludes that more extensive trials with larger patient groups are necessary to fully determine the potential of PRP, either alone or in combination, for hair loss treatment.
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