Minoxidil: A Review of Its Pharmacological Properties and Therapeutic Use

    October 1981 in “ Drugs
    Vito M. Campese
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    TLDR Minoxidil effectively treats severe hypertension but may cause side effects, so careful monitoring is needed.
    This document is a review of the pharmacological properties and therapeutic use of minoxidil, a drug used to treat hypertension. Minoxidil is effective in treating severe hypertension, including refractory hypertension and hypertension in patients with chronic renal failure. However, it can also cause adverse effects such as hypertrichosis and acute cardiomyopathy. The drug is only approved for use in patients who do not respond to conventional antihypertensive regimens. The review concludes that minoxidil is a useful therapeutic option for severe hypertension, but its use should be carefully monitored due to its potential side effects.
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