LncRNA H19 Overexpression Activates Wnt Signaling to Maintain the Hair Follicle Regeneration Potential of Dermal Papilla Cells

    August 2020 in “ Frontiers in Genetics
    Ningxia Zhu, En-Bing Lin, Huan Zhang, Yang Liu, Guiyuan Cao, Congcong Fu, Li Chen, Yang Zeng, Bozhi Cai, Yanping Yuan, Bin Xia, Keng Yen Huang, Lin Changmin
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    TLDR H19 boosts hair growth potential by activating Wnt signaling, possibly helping treat hair loss.
    The study found that overexpression of the long non-coding RNA H19 in dermal papilla cells (DPCs) maintained their hair follicle regeneration potential by activating the Wnt signaling pathway. H19 induced miR-29a and downregulated Wnt suppressors, forming a regulatory feedback loop to maintain hair follicle-inducing potential. The study suggests that H19 could be a target for treating androgenetic alopecia.
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