Hair Growth-Promoting Effect of Resveratrol in Mice, Human Hair Follicles and Dermal Papilla Cells

    Yuting Zhang, Chunya Ni, Yan Huang, Yulong Tang, Kai Yang, Xiaofeng Shi, Yue Zhang, Zheng Li, Jian Wang, Yifei Zhu, Haiyang Li, Yanyun Ma, Jinran Lin, Jiucun Wang, Qingmei Liu, Wenyu Wu
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    TLDR Resveratrol may help hair grow, but more research is needed.
    The study investigated the effects of Resveratrol (RSV), a plant polyphenol, on hair growth using in vivo mouse models, ex vivo hair follicle culture models, and dermal papilla cells. Results showed that RSV significantly promoted hair length and accelerated the anagen (growth) phase of the hair cycle in mice. Histological analysis revealed thicker skin, deeper hair follicles, and larger hair follicle diameters in RSV-treated mice compared to the control group. In an ex vivo model, the hair shaft of the RSV group grew significantly faster, and a larger percentage of hair follicles remained in the anagen phase compared to the control group (77.8% ± 19.2% vs 19.4% ± 17.3%). RSV also increased the proliferation of human Dermal Papilla Cells (hDPCs), essential for hair growth. However, higher doses of RSV showed cytotoxicity. The study concluded that RSV has potential as a treatment for promoting hair growth, but further research is needed.
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