Hair growth and rejuvenation: An overview

    Mona Semalty, Ajay Semalty, Gopal Krishna Joshi, Mahiraj Singh Rawat
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    TLDR The document concludes that minoxidil and finasteride are proven for hair growth, herbal remedies show promise, but more research is needed to confirm their effectiveness.
    The 2010 document reviews a range of treatments for hair growth and rejuvenation, highlighting the limited number of scientifically proven drugs like minoxidil and finasteride, and the potential of herbal remedies. It discusses the hair growth cycle, types of alopecia, and factors leading to hair loss. The document includes a clinical study with 23 patients in the active group and 15 in the control group, showing significant hair regrowth in the active group. Various natural extracts and synthetic compounds are mentioned for their hair growth-promoting effects, with some showing promising results in both human and animal studies. However, the document calls for more scientific data to confirm the effectiveness of herbal drugs and emphasizes the need for further research to understand the mechanisms and ensure the safety and efficacy of these treatments.
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