Elucidating Causal Relationships of Diet-Derived Circulating Antioxidants and the Risk of Non-Scarring Alopecia: A Mendelian Randomization Study

    June 2024 in “ Medicine
    Yi Ba, Lin Shen, Xiaohui Peng, Yujin Zhang, Junwen Wang
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    TLDR Higher levels of β-carotene and vitamin E may help prevent certain types of hair loss.
    This Mendelian randomization study analyzed data from over 377,200 individuals to investigate the causal relationship between diet-derived circulating antioxidants and non-scarring alopecia (AGA and AA). The study found that higher levels of β-carotene were associated with a 76% lower risk of AGA, and α-tocopherol (vitamin E) was protective against both AGA and AA. No significant associations were found for ascorbate, lycopene, or retinol. The results suggest that dietary antioxidants, particularly β-carotene and α-tocopherol, could play a crucial role in preventing hair loss, though further research is needed to validate these findings.
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