Dickkopf-1 Expression in Androgenetic Alopecia and Alopecia Areata in Male Patients

    February 2019 in “American Journal of Dermatopathology
    Enas Mahmoud, Lamia H Elgarhy, Eiman A. Hasby, Laila Malani Mohammad
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    TLDR DKK-1 gene linked to hair loss in AGA and AA patients; more research needed for potential therapy.
    The study examined the expression of the gene Dickkopf-1 (DKK-1) in male patients with androgenetic alopecia (AGA) and alopecia areata (AA) compared to healthy controls. The results showed a significant increase in DKK-1 expression in both AGA and AA patients compared to healthy controls, suggesting its involvement in the development of both diseases. The study recommends further research on DKK-1 expression in scalp biopsies to better understand its role in nonscarring alopecia and its potential as a therapy for both conditions.
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