TLDR precursor of vitamin B5 with hair stimulating effects

    Dexpanthenol, also known as D-panthenol, or provitamin B5, is a chemical substance derived from pantothenic acid, a B-complex vitamin. It is widely used for dietary supplements and in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Historically, it has been recognized for its role in skin and wound healing, and only recently has its potential benefits for treating hair loss become the subject of scientific inquiry.

    Dexpanthenol shows promise in promoting hair growth by enhancing cell proliferation, reducing aging and apoptosis markers, and stimulating the anagen phase while preventing the transition to the catagen phase. It achieves this by positively influencing the behavior of both dermal papilla cells and outer root sheath cells, crucial components in the hair growth cycle. D-panthenol also increases VEGF and its receptor expression, which are key factors in hair follicle health and function.

    Research on dexpanthenol's effectiveness in treating hair loss is emerging, with studies indicating positive outcomes. For instance, a study analyzed the use of dexpanthenol as a treatment for male androgenetic alopecia in nine patients. After two months of weekly intramuscular administration of 500mg dexpanthenol, a majority of the patients reported perceived improvements in hair growth. Another study focusing on female pattern hair loss reported high patient satisfaction rates with weekly intramuscular injections of dexpanthenol, noting improvements in hair growth and quality without significant side effects. These findings suggest dexpanthenol's potential as a novel treatment option for different forms of alopecia.


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