Sulforaphane, L-Menthol, and Dexpanthenol as a Novel Active Cosmetic Ingredient Composition for Relieving Hair Loss Symptoms

    June 2021 in “ Cosmetics
    Youngkum Park, Kanghyun Choi, Hyoseon Kim, Jihye Lee, Gyeryeol Park, Junehyun Kim
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    TLDR A mix of sulforaphane, L-menthol, and dexpanthenol could help increase hair growth and reduce hair loss.
    The document summarizes a study on the effectiveness of a cosmetic ingredient composition containing sulforaphane, L-menthol, and dexpanthenol in treating hair loss symptoms, particularly in Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA). Sulforaphane was found to increase the expression of enzymes that degrade dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone linked to hair loss. The study included in vitro experiments with cell lines and an 18-week clinical trial with 23 patients, which resulted in a 6.71% increase in hair count and visual improvements in hair appearance. While the in vitro experiments showed that the combination of biotin, dexpanthenol, and L-menthol did not have a significant effect, the clinical trial suggested that they might contribute to hair loss relief. The study concludes that sulforaphane, along with L-menthol and dexpanthenol, could be an effective agent for enhancing hair growth and relieving hair loss symptoms.
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