Prospective Efficacy and Safety Study of an Innovative Kerascalp Hair Growth Serum in Mild-to-Moderate Alopecia in India: Regrowth Study

    May 2023 in “ Cureus
    Malavika Kohli, Anil Ganjoo, Aseem Sharma, Chetan Y. Patil, Simran Sethi, Bhagirath Patel
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    TLDR Kerascalp hair serum was found to be safe and effective in improving hair growth and strength in people with mild to moderate hair loss.
    The study evaluated the safety and efficacy of Kerascalp hair serum, a product containing esculin, ximenynic acid, and lauric acid, in 30 individuals aged 18-60 years with mild to moderate androgenetic alopecia. The participants applied the serum daily for 90 days, and significant improvements were observed in the anagen and telogen ratio (A:T ratio), hair density, hair thickness, and hair strength, along with a significant reduction in hair fall. These improvements persisted even 30 days after discontinuing the serum. No adverse events were reported during the study, indicating the serum's safety. However, the study's limitations include its non-comparative design, short follow-up period, and limited sample size, suggesting the need for further controlled clinical studies.
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