Hair Regrowth Through Wound Healing Process After Ablative Fractional Laser Treatment in a Murine Model

    Jung Min Bae, Han Mi Jung, Boncheol Goo, Young Min Park
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    TLDR Laser treatment helped regrow hair in mice by activating a key growth pathway.
    The study from 2015 investigated the effects of ablative CO2 fractional laser treatment on hair follicle regrowth in 12 mice, finding that the optimal setting for hair regrowth was 10 mJ/spot and 300 spots/cm². Histopathological and molecular analyses showed that this treatment induced anagen phase conversion and activated the Wnt/ß-catenin signaling pathway, which is crucial for hair regrowth. Despite the promising results, the study's limitations included the use of a non-androgenic alopecia mouse model and a small sample size, indicating the need for further research and human clinical trials to confirm the treatment's efficacy and safety.
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