Chitosan nanoparticles for targeting and sustaining minoxidil sulphate delivery to hair follicles

    Breno N. Matos, Thaiene Avila Reis, Tais Gratieri
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    TLDR Chitosan nanoparticles improve minoxidil delivery to hair follicles for better alopecia treatment.
    The study developed chitosan nanoparticles loaded with minoxidil sulphate (MXS-NP) for targeted delivery to hair follicles, which could sustain drug release and improve the topical treatment of alopecia. The MXS-NP formulation was found to be superior to previously prepared MXS-loaded microparticles in terms of follicular accumulation of MXS and prolonged release of the drug into hair follicles. The study suggests that chitosan nanoparticles could be a promising strategy for the topical treatment of alopecia.
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