A Novel Topical Combination of Minoxidil and Spironolactone for Androgenetic Alopecia: Clinical, Histopathological, and Physicochemical Study

    January 2021 in “ Dermatologic Therapy
    Hamza Abdel-Raouf, Usama Farghaly Aly, Walid Medhat, Shimaa Abdalla Ahmed, Maha Nasr
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    TLDR Minoxidil and spironolactone combo effectively treats androgenetic alopecia, improving hair density and diameter.
    A study found that a topical combination of minoxidil and spironolactone is an effective treatment for androgenetic alopecia, improving hair follicle density and diameter with no reported adverse effects. The combination was found to be more effective than either treatment alone, with a clinical response in 90% to 100% of patients. Histopathological examination of skin biopsy after treatment revealed a significant increase in anagen hair and a decrease in telogen and vellus hair. The study suggests that this combination treatment may be a promising option for treating androgenetic alopecia.
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