Sulfation of minoxidil by multiple human cytosolic sulfotransferases

    February 1998 in “Chemico-Biological Interactions
    Robert H. Anderson, Patrick E. Kudlacek, Dahn L. Clemens
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    TLDR Minoxidil breakdown varies by enzymes, affecting hair loss treatment effectiveness.
    This study explores how minoxidil is sulfated by multiple human cytosolic sulfotransferases, which could impact its effectiveness in treating hair loss. The study found that various enzymes in human scalp skin can break down minoxidil, which could help predict how an individual will respond to the drug based on their enzyme levels. At least four enzymes were found to contribute to the sulfation process. The study suggests that measuring sulfotransferase activity in blood can predict the response to minoxidil. Further research is needed to fully understand the role of sulfation in minoxidil's mechanism of action.
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