JAK Inhibitors for Alopecia Areata: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

    Kevin Phan, Deshan F. Sebaratnam
    TLDR JAK inhibitors are effective for treating alopecia areata, with most patients seeing hair growth after treatment.
    The systematic review and meta-analysis on JAK inhibitors for alopecia areata (AA) analyzed 30 studies encompassing 289 cases. It found that 72.4% of patients responded to treatment, with 45.7% being good responders and 21.4% partial responders. The mean time to initial hair growth was 2.2 months, and complete hair regrowth took an average of 6.7 months. All 37 recurrences occurred after treatment cessation at an average of 2.7 months. Oral administration was more effective than topical therapy, and there was no significant difference in response rates between pediatric and adult cases. The study concluded that while there is promising evidence for the effectiveness of JAK inhibitors in AA, the evidence is of low quality, and larger randomized studies are needed to confirm these findings.
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