Identification of Functional Patterns of Androgenetic Alopecia Using Transcriptome Profiling in Distinct Locations of Hair Follicles

    Yong Miao, Qian Qu, Wei Jiang, Xiao Liu, Panli Shi, Zhiqi Hu, Lijuan Du, Gaofeng Wang, Xiaonan Liu, Zhen-He Guo, Yang Liu, Fang Liu, Ya Liu
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    TLDR AGA linked to inflammation, stress, fibrosis, and disturbed hair follicle stem cells.
    This study investigated gene expression in hair follicles of individuals with androgenetic alopecia (AGA) compared to those without. The researchers found that genes regulating inflammation, stress, and fibrosis were over-expressed in all AGA groups compared to control groups, with micro-inflammation being responsible for AGA. The study identified some differentially-expressed genes in the bugle area and linked their function with hair follicle stem cells pathology in the complex etiology of AGA. The study provides novel insights into AGA pathogenesis, including the pathologic framework of "inflammation-stress-fibrosis" and disturbed hair follicle stem cells maintenance.
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