Hair-Growth-Promoting Effects of Fermented Red Ginseng Marc and Traditional Polyherb Formula in C57BL/6 Mice

    January 2021 in “Applied sciences
    Phil Hyun Song, Gyu-Ryeul Park, Yoon-Hae Kim, Dae Hwa Jung, Sae-Kwang Ku, Chang‐Hyun Song
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    TLDR Fermented red ginseng and a traditional herb mix improved hair growth in mice.
    The study explored the effects of fermented red ginseng marc (fRGM) and a traditional polyherb formula (PH) on hair growth in C57BL/6 mice. Mice treated with various concentrations of fRGM or PH, or a combination of both, showed significant improvements in hair-covering regions, length, thickness, and weight compared to the control group. The treatments also increased the number of anagen-phase hair follicles, follicular diameters, and dermal thickness. The study, which used a sample size of six mice per group and considered p < 0.05 as statistically significant, concluded that fRGM and PH have hair-growth-promoting effects and could serve as hair tonics, suggesting their potential use in treating hair loss. Further research is needed to understand the mechanisms by which they promote the hair growth cycle.
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