Eclipta Alba Extract With Potential For Hair Growth Promoting Activity

    July 2009 in “ Journal of Ethnopharmacology
    Kakali Datta, Anu Singh, A Mukherjee, B. K. Bhat, B. Ramesh, Anand C. Burman
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    TLDR Eclipta alba extract may help hair grow similarly to Minoxidil.
    The study from 2009 demonstrated that the methanol extract of Eclipta alba, a plant known for its hair growth properties, effectively promoted hair growth in pigmented C57/BL6 mice. The extract was applied topically to mice in the telogen phase and was found to induce the anagen phase in a dose-dependent manner, with a higher efficacy at a concentration of 3.2 mg/15 cm². The hair growth promoting activity was comparable to that of Minoxidil, a known hair growth stimulant. Immunohistochemical analysis supported these findings, showing positive markers for the anagen phase and negative markers for the telogen phase. The study concluded that Eclipta alba extract has potential as a hair growth promoter, and further research is underway to identify the active components and understand the mechanism of action.
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