Topical minoxidil counteracts stress-induced hair growth inhibition in mice

    October 2003 in “Experimental Dermatology
    Petra C. Arck, Bori Handjiski, Eva M.J. Peters, Evelin Hagen, Burghard F. Klapp, Ralf Paus
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    TLDR Minoxidil helps prevent stress-caused hair loss in mice.
    A study from 2003 investigated the effect of stress on hair growth in mice and whether topical minoxidil could counteract this inhibition. The study found that stress negatively affects hair growth and leads to premature catagen development and hair loss. However, daily application of 5% minoxidil was found to counteract the effects of stress on hair growth and prevent premature catagen development. The study suggests that topical minoxidil may be a potential treatment for stress-induced hair loss in humans.
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