Topical Formulations Containing Finasteride: In Vitro Permeation/Penetration Study and In Vivo Pharmacokinetics in Hairless Rat

    Daniela Monti, Silvia Tampucci, Susi Burgalassi, Patrizia Chetoni, Carla Lenzi, Andrea Pirone, Federico Mailland
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    TLDR Finasteride cream helps hair growth with less side effects.
    The study evaluated the use of topical formulations containing finasteride for the treatment of hair loss. The selected formulation, P-08-016, was found to promote a high level cutaneous depot of finasteride in the region surrounding the hair bulbs while minimizing systemic absorption, making it a potential alternative to systemic therapy for the treatment of hair loss. Further studies are needed to verify the exact quantity of drug retained inside the hair bulbs.
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