Rapid and Scar-Free Wound Repair Using a Biologically Flexible and Conductive Dressing Under Electrical Stimulation

    June 2024 in “ Advanced functional materials
    Shuobing Yang, Zheng‐Dong Yuan, Tongtong Wang, Jing Huang, Wei Wang, Ting Li, Yang Wang, Weifu Dong, Feng‐Lai Yuan
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    TLDR A new wound dressing with electrical stimulation heals wounds quickly and without scars.
    The study presents a novel biocompatible liquid metal (LM) composite wound dressing (LGPU) that combines polyurea polyurethane (PU) with LM modified with glutathione (GSH). This dressing, when used with external electrical stimulation (ES), promotes rapid and scar-free wound healing. The LGPU dressing is conductive, highly stretchable, recyclable, and has excellent self-healing properties. The combination therapy significantly accelerated wound healing, with complete healing observed in nine days compared to the scabbing state in the control group. Additionally, this method supports hair follicle regeneration at the injury site, reducing scarring and enhancing wound repair.
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