Minoxidil/salicylic acid hydrogel formulated for alopecia treatment: Supramolecular interactions modulate physicochemical properties and biological activities revealed by experimental and theoretical studies

    February 2024 in “Journal of Molecular Structure
    Jie Mi, Kang Zheng, Liu Jiang, Xuan Pang, Jianping Wang, Qi Wang, Zhongchang Sun, Bingji Li, Yanshan Cui, Shuliang Jiao, Qiuxiang Pang
    TLDR The new minoxidil and salicylic acid hydrogel improves alopecia treatment.
    The research paper presents a study on the development of a new topical formulation for alopecia treatment using minoxidil (MXD) and salicylic acid (SA) in a supramolecular hydrogel. The researchers used supramolecular chemistry to improve the physicochemical properties and therapeutic efficacy of MXD. The MXD/SA salt was prepared by slow solvent evaporation and characterized using various methods such as X-ray crystallography. The study found that the MXD/SA hydrogel showed improved properties and therapeutic effects for successful alopecia treatment. The research contributes to a comprehensive understanding of the supramolecular medicinal chemistry for MXD.
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