Preliminary Investigation on Microneedling with Low-Level LED Therapy and Growth Factors in Hair Loss Related to COVID-19

    September 2022 in “Journal of Clinical Medicine
    Pietro Gentile
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    TLDR The treatment might help COVID-19 related hair loss, but more research is needed.
    A preliminary study on 10 patients aged 23-68 years who experienced hair loss after COVID-19 infection investigated the impact of Low-Level LED Therapy (LLLT), Micro-Needling (MND), and Growth Factors (GFs) on hair regrowth. The treatment protocol involved two treatments weekly for 5 months using a device called Hairgen Booster®. The results showed an increase in hair density of 11 ± 2 hairs/cm2 at 20 weeks compared to baseline, although the difference was not statistically significant. The study concluded that LLLT with MND and GFs could potentially be an effective treatment option for hair loss related to COVID-19, but further research is needed due to the small sample size and lack of a control group.
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