Sept4/ ARTS Regulates Stem Cell Apoptosis and Skin Regeneration

    July 2013 in “Science
    Yaron Fuchs, Shan-Estelle Brown, Travis Gorenc, Joe Rodriguez, Elaine Fuchs, Hermann Steller
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    TLDR Mice without the Sept4/ARTS gene heal wounds better due to more stem cells that don't die easily.
    In 2013, Yaron Fuchs and colleagues conducted a study on the Sept4/ARTS gene, discovering that mice lacking this gene exhibited an increased number of hair follicle stem cells (HFSCs) that were resistant to apoptosis. This resistance led to enhanced wound healing and hair follicle regeneration. The study demonstrated that the improved healing was dependent on HFSCs and that inactivation of XIAP, a target of ARTS, could reverse these effects. Although the study involved experiments on 8-week-old mice and provided details on wound sizes, the exact number of mice used was not specified. The findings suggest that apoptosis regulation is crucial for stem cell-mediated tissue repair and that manipulating this pathway could have therapeutic potential in regenerative medicine.
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