Hair Transplantation Controversies

    November 2017 in “ Dermatologic Surgery
    Marc R. Avram, Robert Finney, Nicole E. Rogers
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    TLDR Hair transplants look natural, but the best method is debated, and PRP shows promise for hair regrowth.
    The 2017 document "Hair Transplantation Controversies" reviewed debates in hair transplant surgery, particularly focusing on donor harvesting techniques, the efficacy of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and low-level light therapy. It concluded that while hair transplants yield natural-looking results, the best methods for the procedure are still debated, with elliptical donor harvesting and follicular unit extraction (FUE) being the main techniques discussed. The document highlighted a single-blinded study with 40 patients that showed significant benefits of PRP in hair regrowth, with the PRP group experiencing over 75% hair regrowth at 6 months post-operation. The authors emphasized the importance of proper candidate selection, surgical skill, and postoperative care, and suggested that future research will further elucidate the role of PRP in hair transplantation and hair loss treatment.
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