Guidelines for management of androgenetic alopecia based on BASP classification-the Asian consensus committee guideline

    William H. Lee, H. Lee, Jin-Young Choi, Cheong Wk, S. P. Chow, Gabriel Mt, K.L. Hau, Hyun-Seung Kang, M.R. Mallari, Roger Y. Tsai, Jie Zhang, Mingyi Zheng
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    TLDR Use 5% minoxidil or oral finasteride for mild-to-moderate hair loss, combine with hair transplant for severe cases.
    This document provides guidelines for the management of androgenetic alopecia (AGA) in Asian patients based on the BASP classification. The guidelines recommend medical treatment with 5% minoxidil or oral finasteride for mild-to-moderate AGA, and a combination of medical treatment with hair transplantation for moderate-to-severe and severe AGA. Other treatments such as low-level laser therapy and fractional photothermolysis laser are also discussed, but further studies are needed to verify their efficacy. Non-medical aesthetic aids such as wigs and hair powder makeup can provide cosmetic relief for patients with thinning hair. The proposed treatment guideline may be useful for dermatologists in the region, but it is not exclusive to Asian patients and may be universally applicable.
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