Hair Transplantation for Men and Women

    Marc R. Avram
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    TLDR Hair transplantation has improved to look more natural, but managing patient expectations and using precise techniques are key for the best outcomes.
    The 2006 document detailed improvements in hair transplantation, shifting from large grafts to smaller, natural-looking follicular units for a more realistic appearance. It stressed the need for patients to have realistic expectations about density and appearance, influenced by the original hair's characteristics. Medications like minoxidil and finasteride were mentioned as adjuncts to increase transplanted hair density. The paper emphasized the importance of careful hairline design and recipient site creation for natural results and recognized that hair loss continues post-transplantation. It also speculated on future advancements like hair follicle cloning and technological enhancements. The conclusion was that despite advancements, patient expectations must be managed, and surgeons should employ meticulous techniques for optimal results.
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