Design of a biofluid-absorbing bioactive sandwich-structured Zn–Si bioceramic composite wound dressing for hair follicle regeneration and skin burn wound healing

    July 2021 in “Bioactive Materials
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    TLDR Wound dressing absorbs fluid, regenerates hair follicles, and heals skin burns.
    The article discusses the development of a wound dressing made of a bioactive composite material that can absorb wound exudates and promote hair follicle regeneration and skin burn wound healing. The dressing is made of hydrophilic ZnCS ceramic particles wrapped in a hydrophobic PLA fiber membrane, which allows for unidirectional fluid transportation. The dressing releases Zn²+ and SiO3 bioactive ions into the wound bed, which promote rapid healing with hair follicle regeneration. The synergistic effect of Zn²+ and SiO3 effectively stimulates the migration, viability, and differentiation of cultured hair follicle dermal papilla cells, and in vivo results further revealed that this synergistic activity also resulted in the recruitment of hair follicle stem cells and enhancement of epidermis formation.
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