Atherogenic index of plasma in non-obese women with androgenetic alopecia

    September 2015 in “ International Journal of Dermatology
    Ola Ahmed Bakry, Shawky Mahmoud El Farargy, Naglaa M Ghanayem, Amal F. Soliman
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    TLDR Non-obese women with hair loss have higher heart disease risk.
    This study investigated the relationship between androgenetic alopecia (AGA) and the atherogenic index of plasma (AIP) in non-obese women. The results showed that non-obese women with AGA had higher levels of AIP, indicating a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. The study suggests that AGA may be a useful marker for identifying women at risk for cardiovascular disease. The authors recommend that serum lipid values should be evaluated in women with AGA to permit an earlier diagnosis of previously unidentified hyperlipidemia and the initiation of appropriate treatment.
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