Adipocyte Lineage Cells Contribute to the Skin Stem Cell Niche to Drive Hair Cycling

    September 2011 in “Cell
    Eric Festa, Jackie A. Fretz, Ryan Berry, B. Schmidt, Matthew S. Rodeheffer, Mark C. Horowitz, Valerie Horsley
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    TLDR Fat-related cells are important for initiating hair growth.
    The document from September 1, 2011, details a study that found adipocyte lineage cells, specifically adipose precursor cells, are crucial for hair cycling by contributing to the skin stem cell niche and activating follicular stem cells in mice. The study showed that these cells regenerate in tandem with skin stem cells and are necessary for the transition from the telogen to anagen phase of the hair cycle. The researchers used mouse models with genetic mutations and pharmacological treatments to demonstrate that adipocyte precursor cells, expressing PDGFA, are essential for initiating hair growth. The study's findings suggest that targeting adipocyte lineage cells could have clinical implications for hair growth disorders and other skin-related conditions. However, the number of mice used in the study was not specified in the summary.
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