Stem Cells and the Niche: A Dynamic Duo

    February 2010 in “Cell Stem Cell
    Justin Voog, D. Leanne Jones
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    TLDR Stem cell niches are crucial for regulating stem cell behavior and tissue health, and their decline can impact aging and cancer.
    The review "Stem Cells and the Niche: A Dynamic Duo" from February 1, 2010, explores the critical role of stem cell niches in regulating stem cell behavior for tissue homeostasis and repair. It discusses the history of the stem cell niche concept, the interaction between stem cells and their niches, and the impact of these interactions on aging, disease progression, and cancer. The review also examines experimental data and methodologies, such as lineage tracing and single-cell transplantation, to identify stem cells and niches in various tissues. It emphasizes the decline in niche function with aging, which affects tissue maintenance and repair, and how cancer can manipulate niches to support tumor growth. The document calls for further research on the genetic regulation of niches and the development of new technologies to improve our understanding of stem cell-niche dynamics and to enhance stem cell-based therapies and regenerative medicine.
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