Update on the pathogenesis, genetics and medical treatment of patterned hair loss.

    November 2010 in “ PubMed
    Eric S Schweiger, O. M. Boychenko, Robert Bernstein
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    TLDR New genetic insights have improved understanding of hair loss, leading to a new test and treatments, but more research is needed on the test and laser comb effectiveness.
    The document from 13 years ago discussed the pathogenesis, genetics, and medical treatment of androgenic alopecia (AGA), a common condition causing pattern hair loss in both men and women. The discovery of the androgen receptor (AR) gene and related genes has expanded understanding of the genetics of hair loss. This knowledge, combined with clinical studies, has improved understanding of AGA's pathogenesis. It also led to the development of a new screening test for AGA. Besides the two FDA-approved medications for hair loss treatment (minoxidil and finasteride), a novel device, the laser hair comb, was also FDA-approved. However, further studies were needed to verify the accuracy of the genetic screening test and the efficacy of the laser hair comb.
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