Safety and Efficacy of Trimax-360 Serum in Healthy Adult Subjects with Mild to Moderate Alopecia of the Scalp

    Soon‐Keong Chew, Trusha Gajjar, Simran Sethi
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    TLDR Trimax-360 Serum, when used for 98 days, safely and effectively improves hair growth, thickness, and density without any side effects.
    The study evaluated the efficacy and safety of Trimax-360 Serum, a botanical-based product, in 30 healthy adult subjects aged 30-45 years with mild to moderate alopecia of the scalp. The serum was applied twice daily for 98 days. Results showed a statistically significant improvement in hair density, hair thickness, and hair growth rate after the treatment period. Specifically, hair density improved by 1.7%-41.5%, hair thickness increased from 0.00 µm to 10.7 µm, and the hair growth rate improved from 13.044(±9.4119) to 42.528(±18.5565) μm/day. All subjects showed good scalp condition and a gentle increase in noticeable new hairs, with no reports of hair oiliness and hair fall. No adverse events were observed throughout the treatment duration. The study concluded that 98 days treatment with Trimax-360 Serum is safe and effective in significantly improving the rate of hair growth.
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