Evaluation of the Safety and Effectiveness of Oral Minoxidil in Children: A Systematic Review

    June 2024 in “ Dermatology and therapy
    Kimberly N Williams, Kimberly N Williams, Kimberly N Williams
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    TLDR Low-dose oral minoxidil is safe for treating children's hair disorders.
    This systematic review evaluated the safety and effectiveness of oral minoxidil in children, analyzing 41 studies involving 442 pediatric patients. The findings suggest that low-dose oral minoxidil (≤2.5 mg) is a safe and effective treatment for pediatric hair disorders, with manageable side effects such as hypertrichosis (12.1%), hypotension (5.6%), and headaches (2.1%). No patients discontinued treatment due to adverse effects. However, moderate-dose (2.6–15 mg) and high-dose oral minoxidil were associated with more severe side effects, including generalized hypertrichosis and pericardial effusion, indicating that these doses may not be safe for children.
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