Male androgenetic alopecia is due to hair follicle stem cell inactivation

    April 2011 in “Expert Review of Dermatology
    Longmei Zhao, Basil M. Hantash
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    TLDR Male hair loss is caused by inactive hair follicle stem cells.
    This 12-year-old scientific paper concludes that male androgenetic alopecia (AGA) is caused by hair follicle stem cell inactivation. The study suggests that the depletion of active hair germ cells, rather than reduced numbers of stem cells in follicles, is responsible for AGA. The article highlights three signaling pathways that participate in hair follicle stem cell activation to drive hair follicle cycling. The study suggests that stabilizing ß-catenin expression in bulge stem cells and stimulating FGF and/or inhibiting BMP signaling in the DP may allow for HG activation and the halting of hair loss in patients suffering from AGA.
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