Increased Scalp Skin and Serum 5a-Reductase Reduced Androgens in a Man Relevant to the Acquired Progressive Kinky Hair Disorder and Developing Androgenetic Alopecia

    September 1997 in “ Archives of Dermatology
    Philippe Boudou, Pascal Reygagne
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    TLDR Reduced androgens linked to kinky hair disorder and hair loss; 5a-reductase inhibitors may help.
    This study examined a 23-year-old man with acquired progressive kinky hair disorder and found reduced androgen levels and decreased scalp skin 5a-dihydrotestosterone formation. The study suggests that androgen-related disorders may contribute to acquired progressive kinky hair disorder and androgenetic alopecia. The patient had increased scalp skin and serum 5a-reductase reduced androgens, which may be related to the disorder. The study recommends 5a-reductase inhibitors as a potential treatment for hair loss.
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