Characteristics of Hair Loss After COVID-19: A Systematic Scoping Review

    Torrey Czech, Satoru Sugihara, Yoshito Nishimura
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    TLDR COVID-19 patients may experience temporary hair loss, mainly in women, which is likely reversible.
    This systematic review analyzed 26 articles, including 9 observational studies and 17 case reports or series, totaling 58 cases, to investigate the association between COVID-19 and hair loss. The majority of the studies focused on Telogen Effluvium (TE), a temporary hair loss condition. The review found no clear correlation between the severity of COVID-19 and the extent of hair loss. Most of the cases were female (82.8%), with a median onset of hair loss at 2.0 months and a median recovery time of 5.0 months, with a resolution rate of 95%. The review concluded that while there is uncertainty and a lack of strong evidence linking COVID-19 and hair loss, hair loss in COVID-19 patients may primarily be TE and is likely reversible. Further research is needed to understand the detailed pathophysiology and risk factors of hair loss in COVID-19, including the potential roles of estrogen, progesterone, and pro-inflammatory cytokines.
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