The Effect of Topical RU58841 (Androgen Receptor Blocker) Combined with Minoxidil on Hair Growth in Macaque Androgenetic Alopecia

    Koreyoshi Imamura, A. Bonfils, A. Diani, Hitoshi Uno
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    TLDR Combining RU58841 and minoxidil significantly increases hair growth.
    This collection of documents covers a range of topics, but only a few are related to hair loss, alopecia, and hair growth. The studies that are relevant investigate the effect of combining topical RU58841, an androgen receptor blocker, with minoxidil on hair growth in macaque androgenetic alopecia. The results show that the combination treatment leads to a significant increase in hair growth compared to using either treatment alone. The studies suggest that combining these two treatments may be a promising approach for treating androgenetic alopecia in humans. One study involved six macaques and lasted for 20 weeks, while another involved three groups of monkeys, each receiving a different treatment. Long-term observation is needed to determine the synergistic effects of the combined treatment on follicular growth.
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