Dysfunction of Hair Follicle Mesenchymal Progenitors Is Associated with Age-Related Hair Loss

    Wisoo Shin, Nicole L. Rosin, H. V. Sparks, Sarthak Sinha, Waleed Rahmani, Matthew Workentine, Sepideh Abbasi, Jo Anne Stratton, Jeff Biernaskie
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    TLDR Age-related hair loss is linked to the decline and dysfunction of hair follicle stem cells.
    The study investigated the role of hair follicle dermal stem cells (hfDSCs) in age-related hair loss. Through long-term fate mapping over 24 months, researchers observed a significant decline in both the number and function of hfDSCs with age. Aged hfDSCs showed impaired self-renewal and a tendency to differentiate into connective tissue sheath cells. Proliferation assays indicated reduced colony number and size in aged hfDSCs, suggesting cell autonomous dysfunction. Single-cell RNA sequencing revealed a loss of hfDSC population in aged skin and identified distinct subpopulations within adult hair follicle mesenchyme. The findings highlighted the critical role of hfDSCs in hair follicle aging and their dysfunction as a contributing factor to hair loss.
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