Biomimetic biphasic microsphere preparation based on the thermodynamic incompatibility of glycosaminoglycan with gelatin methacrylate for hair regeneration

    Yangpeng Chen, Danlan Fu, Xiaoqi Wu, Yufan Zhang, Yuxin Chen, Yi Zhou, Mengji Lu, Qifa Liu, Junfei Huang
    TLDR The study created a new type of microsphere that effectively regrows hair.
    The study developed a co-flowing microfluidic-assisted technology to produce dual aqueous microdroplets for hair regeneration. These microspheres, named G/HAD, were created using glycosaminoglycan-based photo-crosslinkable biological macromolecule (HAD) shells and gelatin methacrylate (GelMA) cores to enclose mesenchymal cells (MSCs) and mouse epidermal cells (EPCs). The G/HAD microspheres showed favorable characteristics, including sustained growth factor release and wet adhesion properties. After being transplanted into the dorsal skin of BALB/c nude mice, the G/HAD cell microspheres efficiently induced the regeneration of hair follicles. This method allows for the production of approximately 250 dual-layer microspheres per minute, showing potential in improving current hair regeneration techniques.
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