Association of Androgenetic Alopecia With Mortality From Diabetes Mellitus and Heart Disease

    May 2013 in “JAMA Dermatology
    Lin-Hui Su, Limei Chen, Sheng-Che Lin, Tony Hsiu Hsi Chen
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    TLDR Hair loss links to higher death risk from diabetes and heart disease; not a direct cause, but a marker for risk factors.
    This study found that moderate to severe androgenetic alopecia (AGA) is associated with a higher risk of mortality from diabetes mellitus and heart disease in both sexes. The study followed up with 7,126 participants for five years and suggests that AGA could be considered a marker for other underlying risk factors for diabetes mellitus and heart disease, but not a direct cause. AGA could be used to identify susceptible individuals who might benefit from interventions targeting multiple diabetes mellitus and heart disease risk factors.
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