The formulation and in‐vitro evaluation of WS Biotin, a novel encapsulated form of D‐Biotin with improved water solubility for hair and skin treatment applications

    Serena Duchi, Paloma Rebollo Torregrosa, Akram Hajuj, Darius Molho, Rawya Shkoor, Nadeen Abo Saada, David González Fernández, D. Goldstein, Alejandro Pérez‐Fernández
    TLDR WS Biotin, a new form of D-Biotin, improves water solubility and shows potential for hair and skin care without being toxic at low levels.
    The study developed and evaluated WS Biotin, a new encapsulated form of D-Biotin with 40 times improved water solubility, for use in hair and skin treatments. The microcapsules contained 46.1% D-Biotin and showed no significant cytotoxicity at concentrations below 0.1%. WS Biotin was found to promote follicular keratinocyte proliferation, enhance the expression of hair-associated keratins KRT40 and KRT85, and upregulate the expression of hair growth-related genes VEGF, FGF7, and IGF1, suggesting its potential in promoting hair maintenance and improving hair shaft strength. Additionally, WS Biotin demonstrated a potential skin-lightening effect by triggering a dose-dependent decrease in melanin levels. The study indicates the need for enhanced delivery strategies for biotin due to the high doses used.
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