Formulation of Sodium Valproate Nanospanlastics as a Promising Approach for Drug Repurposing in the Treatment of Androgenic Alopecia

    September 2020 in “ Pharmaceutics
    Farid A. Badria, Hassan E. Fayed, Amira Mofreh Ibraheem, Ahmed F. State, Eman A. Mazyed
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    TLDR Sodium Valproate nanospanlastics could be a safe and effective treatment for Androgenic Alopecia, with fewer side effects than minoxidil.
    In 2020, a study was conducted to investigate the potential of Sodium Valproate (SV) nanospanlastics for the treatment of Androgenic Alopecia (AGA). The study involved the formulation and optimization of SV-loaded nanospanlastics, which were then characterized using various techniques. The optimized formula (F8) showed a significant improvement in ex vivo permeation compared to free SV. A clinical trial was conducted with 80 patients, divided into two groups. Group A was treated with the optimized SV-loaded nanospanlastic dispersion, while Group B was treated with a marketed 5% minoxidil lotion. The results showed that SV-loaded nanospanlastics were as effective as minoxidil in treating AGA, with fewer side effects. The study concluded that nanospanlastics could be a safe and effective method for improving the topical delivery of SV in the management of AGA.
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