Self-Microemulsifying Systems of Finasteride with Enhanced Oral Bioavailability: Multivariate Statistical Evaluation, Characterization, Spray-Drying and In Vivo Studies in Human Volunteers

    November 2015 in “ Nanomedicine
    Wael Fagir, Rania M. Hathout, Omaima A. Sammour, Ahmed H. Elshafeey
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    TLDR Improved Finasteride delivery for hair loss treatment.
    The study developed self-microemulsifying drug delivery systems (SMEDDS) for Finasteride to enhance its oral bioavailability for treating hair loss. The researchers evaluated the solubility of Finasteride in various oils, surfactants, and cosurfactants to identify the most suitable vehicles for the drug. They then constructed ternary phase diagrams to plot SMEDDS systems with varying concentrations of oil, surfactant, and cosurfactant. The stability of the best formulations was evaluated using multivariate statistical methods, and solid SMEDDS preparation was accomplished using spray-drying technique. The developed SMEDDS formulations showed enhanced oral bioavailability of Finasteride in in vitro and in vivo assessments.
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