Design and Proof-of-Concept of Single Robotic Hair Transplant Mechanisms for Both Harvest and Implant of Hair Grafts

    Rattapon Thuangtong, Jackrit Suthakorn
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    TLDR A single robotic system can accurately harvest and implant hair grafts, showing promise for real-world use.
    The study presents a proof-of-concept for a single robotic hair transplant system capable of both harvesting and implanting hair grafts. The system demonstrated high accuracy in hair graft detection (89.6% for 4 mm hair length and 97.4% for 2 mm hair length) and precise needle insertion, with root mean square errors of 0.591 mm and 2.818 mm for different hair lengths. The robot's position control tests showed minimal errors, indicating effective performance under controlled conditions. Despite challenges like fiber bending and mechanical part errors, the system showed promise in reducing procedure time, enhancing graft retention, and minimizing graft damage, suggesting its feasibility for real-world application with further refinement.
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