Neuroactive Steroid Levels are Modified in Cerebrospinal Fluid and Plasma of Post‐Finasteride Patients Showing Persistent Sexual Side Effects and Anxious/Depressive Symptomatology

    October 2013 in “The Journal of Sexual Medicine
    Roberto Cosimo Melcangi, Donatella Caruso, Federico Abbiati, Silvia Giatti, Donato Calabrese, Fabrizio Piazza, Guido Cavaletti
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    TLDR Finasteride use changes brain chemicals, causing lasting sexual issues and anxiety/depression.
    This study found that neuroactive steroid levels were altered in the cerebrospinal fluid and plasma of male patients who had taken finasteride for hair loss and were experiencing long-term sexual side effects and anxious/depressive symptoms after discontinuing the drug. The study suggests that these changes in neuroactive steroid levels may be related to the development of these symptoms. The study involved 16 patients and 24 controls.
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